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  • Characteristics and selection of electroplating power supply
  • 2021/10/26
  • Characteristics and selection of electroplating power supply

    Electroplating power supply is a DC device that transforms working frequency AC power into different voltages, frequencies and waveforms."Rectification" technology is mainly applied in the thyristor rectifier, and both "rectifying" technology and "inverter" technology are applied in the high-frequency switching power supply.Electroplating power supply is mainly composed of the main and control circuits.

    Electroplating power supply has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, good energy saving effect, high output stability, easy output waveform.It is suitable for galvanizing, chrome plating, cadmium plating and other nonferrous metals, gold plating, silver plating and other precious metals.Then, there are three requirements for choosing electroplating power supply: first, to meet the required specifications, including the power size, waveform index, current and voltage value adjustable range; second, the reliability of the power supply itself, which mainly refers to the rationality of the structure, safety, line characteristics, cooling mode; third, the cost performance of the price should be considered.

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