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Application of electroplating oxidation power supply

  • electropolishing
  • Electrophoresis process
  • Hard oxidation of aluminum
  • Die surface plating
  • water treatment
  • anodizing
  • Product recommendation

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    Guangzhou Post network equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Post), established in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise in Guangzhou and a professional power supply equipment manufacturer in Guangzhou. It is a professional company integrating the development, production and sales of various power supplies such as electroplating oxidation power supply, inverter, energy storage power supply, welding power supply, heating power supply and high-voltage power supply.

    In terms of electroplating oxidation power supply, it is composed of many senior personnel engaged in the electroplating industry. It mainly integrates the production, sales and service of a series of equipment such as electroplating power supply, electrolytic power supply, electrophoresis power supply, sewage treatment power supply and electric flocculation power supply. This series of products are widely used in electronics, optics, glasses, PCB, precision hardware, clocks, hand accessories, plastic electroplating Semiconductor technology, digital products, aviation accessories and other industries. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and formed a complete quality management system (raw material procurement, material management, product manufacturing and quality control, production technology and equipment management, product storage and transportation, etc.) and strictly implemented the business policy of "leading technology, reliable quality, satisfactory service and customer first".

     As a professional power supply manufacturer, we will win more customers' trust with good reputation and high-quality service. We will welcome the new day with the spirit of more self-confidence, dedication, integrity and innovation!


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              Aluminum hard oxidation

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            • Does the voltage have an effect on the plating?
            • It is well known that battery voltage also known as EMF (electric potential) is the force driving current through the circuit.It is expected that by increasing voltage the circuit will lead to an increase in the speed of the plating metal as more current will easily flow through the entire circuit.

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            • What rectifier is used for plating?
            • Silicon rectifier, plating rectifier is a device that convert AC to DC.Silicon rectifiers are widely used in electroplating, anodic oxidation, hydrogenation, and all other electrochemical processes.

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