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  • kXY anodizing power supply
  • Model : YK-KXY

    Our new generation of energy-saving anodic oxidation power supply is mainly combined with the characteristics of the current high-frequency switch power supply technology, from the power factors of the power supply, the power supply output efficiency, and the quality assurance of the power supply to the oxidation film process.In terms of energy consumption and efficiency, it has obvious advantages over the traditional silicon controlled silicon oxide power supply (silicon oxide machine).In line with the national requirements of energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production, it can not only reduce production costs, but also meet the process requirements of aluminum profiles.

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  • Applied range

    1. Anoodized power supply

    2. Aluminum profile oxidation power supply

    3. Hard oxidation power supply

    4. Microarc oxidation power supply


    input voltage

    Three phase AC380V + 10%, 50 ~ 60Hz, etc

    Stable pressure accuracy


    Stable flow accuracy


    rated efficiency


    operational environment

    -10~ 40°C

    Storage temperature

    -20~ 50°C i

    coolant passage

    The wind is cold / water is cold

    Running condition

     Run for 24 hours at full load

    Load type

    Ⅱ级Ⅱ level


    1. High efficiency, high power factor, high stability energy and energy saving advantages:

    2. Multi-module, independent unit, cabinet combination mode, full sealing, full water cooling:

    3. The more controllable silicon oxide power supply has obvious energy saving advantages, and there is no reactive power factor required to compensate the silicon power factor above 0.94:

    4. Support the starting current mode on both sides of the oxidation tank, and the control accuracy and the flow between modules can be within 1%:

    5. Adopt the N + 1 redundancy design to realize the failure-free operation of the production, which can ensure the high standard requirements of the uniformity, tightness, wear resistance and color uniformity of the oxidation film.

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