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  • KXB Stainless steel electrolytic polishing power supply
  • Model : YK-KXB

    Suitable for: stainless steel electrolytic polishing and other metal electropolishing places

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    Applied range

    Principle of electrolysis and polishing

    The principle of Electro-polishing (EP) is to attach the workpiece to the anode to the electrolyte to the DC, to remove the metals and impurities of the surface, make the surface smooth, flawless, bright, and can enhance the surface corrosion resistance, can be said to be the best surface lighting method.

    In the semiconductor process, the components of gas supply require cleanliness, surface smoothness and corrosion resistance, and there are several surface treatment methods for semiconductor components, in which the electropolishing method has become the main method of valve components, pipes and their components because of the semiconductor process.

    Characteristics of the electrolysis polishing method:

    (1), passivation layer

    When electropolishing treatment of stainless steel material, adjusting the voltage, current, acid composition, temperature and polishing time by the principle of electrochemistry, can control the thickness of the chromium oxide film thickness on the processing surface, so that the stainless steel pipe achieves the best corrosion resistance.

    (2) High cleanliness

    The process of electropolishing is to remove the most surface of the workpiece, so the impurity layer, oxide layer, residual stress layer, etc., will be removed. After processing, a very flat surface can be obtained, and there is no depression to hide dirt and dirt, so the workpiece can achieve high cleanliness in use.

    (3) Suitable for thin workparts and special shape processing

    During the electropolishing processing process, the workpiece is soaked in the electrolyte, so there is no stress, there will be no surface processing deterioration layer and cause surface residual stress, but it can dissolve the stress layer of the part surface due to mechanical processing.Therefore, electropolishing is very suitable for processing thin parts and special shape parts, and for small parts, can be done much once to reduce the processing time.


    input voltage

    Three phase AC380V + 10%, 50 ~ 60Hz, etc

    Stable pressure accuracy


    Stable flow accuracy


    rated efficiency


    operational environment

    -10~ 40°C

    Storage temperature

    -20~ 50°C i

    coolant passage

    The wind is cold / water is cold

    Running condition

    Run for 24 hours at full load

    Load type



    1. High technical content:

    The core components adopt international patented technology products, and the control circuit adopts proprietary technology, with strong pressure stability performance, and improving the work efficiency.

    2. Strong reliability:

    Ensure the safe operation of equipment, reduce faults, complete protection, reasonable isolation and anti-corrosion measures

    3. High control accuracy:

    Due to the fast reaction speed (microsecond level), the strong adaptability for network power and load changes, the output accuracy can be better than 1%.Switch power work efficiency, so high control accuracy, is conducive to improving product quality.

    4. Good power saving effect:

    The silicon controllable rectifier can save 10-30% power, which will play an important role in enterprises reducing costs.

    5. Strong flexibility:

    Output voltage, current adjustable, pressure limit, flow limit adjustable, greatly improve the customer use flexibility.

    6. Complete protection functions:

    Soft start protection, input AC undervoltage and overpressure protection, and output overcurrent and overheat protection functions.

    7. The output waveform is easily modulated:

    Due to the high working frequency, the output waveform adjustment has a relatively low processing cost, so it is more convenient to change the output waveform according to the user process requirements.This way for the work site to improve the work efficiency, improve the quality of processing products has a strong effect.

    8, long life:

    Water cooling series is sealed and water cooling structure, power parts through water cooling, prolong its service life, can be used in natural water or clean natural water cooling; air cooling series is used

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