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  • KHYL aluminum hard oxidation power supply
  • Model: YK-KHYL

    Our new generation of oxidation power supply has obvious energy-saving advantages over the traditional thyristor oxidation power supply (silicon oxide machine) in terms of energy consumption and efficiency. In line with the national requirements for energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaner production, it can not only reduce the production cost, but also meet the process requirements.

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  • Applied range

    It is suitable for nickel plating series. The electroplating power supply is DC power supply and the position is dip coating


    size of product


    input voltage

    380V / 50HZ, custom 415V / 60HZ, error value of ± 10%, and rated power of 0 to 60 K W

    output voltage

    DC0-40V Adjustable, output current: 0-1500A adjustable (digital display)

    Output mode

    ressure stabilization and flow stabilization, steady flow conversion, cooling mode: water cooling

    output frequency

    20 ~ 35kHz, ripple coefficient ≈ 5%,

    Protection technology

    70℃ Automatic protection, overcurrent protection, over-pressure protection, missing phase protection

    operate mode

    Remote control box controls operating voltage current or timing, remote line length 5 m (required for extension)

    main unit

    Germany Infineon drive chip, Infineon IGBT, China SL Nitro base, rectifier bridge

    Material of conductor

    T2 purple copper sheet, woven belt, transformer material: nanocrystalline magnetic core, purple copper coating wire (conductor cross section exceeds the national standard specifications)

    control circuit

    Self-produced main control circuit board, drive circuit board, split structure, port connected by computer wiring


    1. High efficiency: the transformer is made of nanocrystalline soft magnetic material and adopts full wave output, so as to reduce the hysteresis loss as much as possible, and the transformer conversion rate is more than 95%;

    2. Corrosion resistance: the chassis is made of cold-rolled steel paint. The main electronic components are installed in the sealed box. All electronic components are insulated and protected. Even if the machine is slightly damp, it will not affect the normal operation and can adapt to the ordinary acid-base environment; Multiple protection technology makes the machine run stably and ensure its service life;

    3. Easy maintenance: the ports of main control circuit board, drive circuit board and operation panel adopt computer cable plug-in design, which is simple, intuitive and convenient for maintenance and overhaul. The user electrician can easily solve the general faults of the machine according to the guidance of our company;

    4. Good effect: the machine outputs DC square wave and high-frequency power filter circuit technology, which improves the current density and makes the application more efficient and energy-saving;

    5. Allowance: electronic components and important components are provided with allowance, and the output power ≥ 85% under various environments can operate continuously.




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