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  • 2021/10/10
  • Full name: Guangzhou Post Department Network Equipment Co

    Yucoo Company logo:

    Sign definition:

    ◆ The logo consists of five elliptical lines plus two English letters, among which the elliptical figures partially express the company's business philosophy, and the English letter is the English abbreviation of the company, which is also the main abbreviation of the company (referred to as "Guangzhou Post Department").The tilted ellipses and English letters of

    ◆ give people a kind of movement, meaning that the company is constantly moving forward, and the five lines gradually expand from the middle and outward, indicating that the company is full of vitality in the smooth process, and the company continues to expand and develop upward.

    ◆ line number is "five", on the one hand, take the meaning of "many", said the company's various business, diversified business ideas, on the other hand, the company has strong technology development force and exquisite production technology and advanced production equipment, in communication power, industrial power supply, photoelectric devices, photoelectric devices, photoelectric equipment, network equipment, network equipment, HFC field, communication supporting products have made outstanding achievements.

    ◆ circles (or ellipses) have the meaning of "unity" and "aggregation", indicating the cohesion of the company and the operating nature of the group. This logo uses ellipses to avoid similar or similar due to the high use frequency of the circle.The English part of the

    ◆ logo is the abbreviation of the company, highlighting the personality of this logo. At the same time, putting the English abbreviation into the logo can strengthen the publicity effect and expand the influence. It is the logo and abbreviation to be recognized by the society and users as soon as possible.

    business philosophy:

    ◆ enterprise philosophy: people-oriented innovation technology service customers

    ◆ enterprise spirit: professional cooperation pragmatic enterprising

    ◆ business purpose: development of information technology revitalization national industrial service public create quality life

    ◆ development strategy: scale information industrialization internationalization

    ◆ business policy: market oriented benefit based on quality to guarantee

    ◆ market concept: sincere service to create value for customers

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