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  • Common problems and exclusion methods of hard chromium plating
  • 2021/11/23
  • Hard chromium plating it has developed from ordinary nickel plating (dark nickel) to full bright nickel plating, nickel plating for luminant has also developed from inorganic luminant to the fourth generation of organic luminant.The fully bright nickel plating tank liquid currently used in the electroplating industry is basically the watt type, and its formula and process specifications, except for the concentrated bright agent, are basically the same.When the hard chromium plating fails, the process execution should be checked, analyze the cause of the failure, and solve it.

    Cause and troubleshooting method

    1. The imbalance of process, lack of coating brightness and causes:

    (1) The luminant is too little, the main salt content is too low, the anode plate is too short and too little, the nickel ion deposition speed and migration speed can not reach the balance, resulting in the insufficient brightness of the coating.

    (2) The pH and the temperature are too high.At this time, the main salt is easily hydrolyzed into Ni (OH) 2 precipitation, and part of Ni (OH) 2 is mixed in the coating, resulting in insufficient brightness of the coating.

    (3) Parts are not washed after acidic copper plating.At this time, there is an alkaline film on the part surface (copper layer), and the nickel is deposited on the film layer, so that the coating can not reach the mirror light.

    2. Exclusion method

    (1) Supplement the main light agent, and accordingly.Adjust the main salt and other composition according to the process requirements to increase the anode nickel plate.

    (2) Adjust the pH with dilute sulfuric acid to reduce the temperature to the process specification.

    (3) The parts should be thoroughly washed after acidic copper plating, and thin sulfuric acid can be used if necessary.​

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