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  • Electroplating wastewater treatment process
  • 2021/10/25
  • In general, the treatment technology of electroplating wastewater can be divided into four categories, namely, chemical method, physical method, physical and chemical method, and biochemical method.At present, the chemical method with relatively low cost and relatively mature technology is mainly appropriately supplemented by other treatment methods.

    The general treatment principle of electroplating wastewater is different water quality, divided and treated.Generally divided into chromium-containing wastewater, cyanide-containing wastewater, heavy metal ions-containing comprehensive wastewater, etc.chromate waste water.Cr6 + in the plating wastewater, reduced to Cr3 + with Na2S2O5 and precipitated with hydroxide.Cyanogen-containing alkali wastewater.Cyanide in wastewater is usually present in the form of free CN-, HCN and various metal complexes [Zn (CN) 4] 2-, [Cu (CN) 3] -, with further oxidative and removal after addition of sodium hypochlorite oxidant.Comprehensive wastewater.As long as the heavy metal off-water integrated wastewater adjusts the appropriate pH value, it will generate considerable hydroxide precipitation.Solid liquid separation.After the reaction, the water outlet and the inlet water inclined pipe sedimentation tank enable various hydroxide to settle quickly in the inclined pipe area. The upper overflow water is filtered by the sand filter to discharge the lower sludge and be treated through the plate frame filter press.

    Electroplating process shall adopt various pollution minimization technology, with the clean production process as the goal, and change the end treatment into the whole process control.On the premise of ensuring product quality, use low-toxic or nontoxic substances as far as possible.At the same time, the use of chemical agents and the production of sludge should be minimized in the process, and the pollution of electroplating wastewater can also be reduced by reducing the concentration of plating liquid and treatment liquid.Try to realize closed circuit circulation, so that water can be recycled and reduce emissions.

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